PayBright Program

What’s in it for customers?

  • Customers can pay overtime in easy affordable monthly payments, with no hidden fees.
  • PayBright can reduce financial stress and help customers move forward with purchases. This is especially effective for customers who may not have enough funds available to afford the entire purchase or may not feel comfortable using a credit card.
  • Customers receive revolving credit limits that can be used for multiple transactions, helping drive repeat purchases.
  • There is no retroactive or compounding interest (like with credit cards), hidden charges, or prepayment penalties.
  • With the pre-qualify feature offered to merchants, customers can be pre-approved before completing the checkout process.
  • Customers can enjoy instant approval and rapid process. Within seconds, PayBright verifies the customer’s credit score, identity, and payment information, and provides an instant approval.
  • Customers can pay off a PayBright Payment Plan at any time with no penalty.

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