Katz Azz Lubricant

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Formulated as an industrial strength lubricant, with amazing anti-rust and water protection characteristics.

Spray Katz Azz on slide-out mechanisms to clean tracks, gears, and lubricate surfaces for smooth operation.

Does not contain silicone, teflon or graphite, therefore preventing Gummy build-up on sliding surfaces.

Katz Azz formula contains proprietary micro-lubricants, that penetrate deep, to loosen corroded threaded fasteners and mechanisms.

Soaks into microscopic metal surfaces and continues to lubricate even after metal surfaces appear Dry.

As a heavy duty cleaner / degreases, Katz Azz quickly cuts through old built-up grease, and works great for re-packing R.V. wheel bearings and fifth wheel contact plates.

The dielectric properties of Katz Azz, makes it ideal for spraying onto electrical connections, to prevent corrosion on terminals and contacts caused from environmental contaminates and moisture.

Spray on electrical connections to clean...wipe dry, and re-connect.

Katz Azz replaces every other lube/maintenance spray in your toolbox, and is the only lubricating / maintenance / cleaning spray you will ever want to use.

Spray nozzle has patented low-medium-high adjustment settings.