Monochem T-5 N.F. Toilet Deodorant Pouches 6-Pack

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Monochem T-5 NF toilet deodorizer provides safe, effective odor reduction in recirculating and portable toilets. Now packaged in 2 oz. foil packets, you can have the same powerful deodorizing results for your 5 gallon bucket toilet or emergency toilet. One packet will treat a five gallon bucket toilet four times. Just add 1/4 packet to a cup of water in the bottom of the portable toilet bag before use.


  • Box of 6 - T-5 NF toilet chemical 2 oz. packets.
  • Will not harm plastic bags or plastic bucket style toilets.
  • Neutralizes odors by reducing odor causing bacteria.
  • T-5 NF deodorizer contains no formaldehyde.
  • Creates a rich, dark blue color for masking black water
  • A necessity for emergency sanitation.