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Onan P4500 High Altitude Carburetor Kit 224cc- A058V024


Onan P4500 High Altitude Carburetor Kit 224cc- A058V024

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Onan P4500 High Altitude Carburetor Kit 224cc- A058V024

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P4500i High Altitude Carburetor Kit

The high altitude carburetor kit includes carburetor jets and carburetor seals for operation at altitudes above 2000 feet above sea level. The high altitude carburetor jets fit the 224cc P4500i gasoline engine.

As altitude increases, the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere decreases by approximately 3 percent for every 1000 feet in elevation. The factory installed carburetor jets perform best at altitudes below 2000 feet. Above 2000 feet, the fuel-to-air mixture becomes too rich. High altitude jets provide the right mixture of fuel and air.

The 224cc high altitude carburetor kit for the P4500i includes four sets of jets and seals.

Operating at Altitude

High Altitude Carburetor Kit Jets

Below 2000 Feet

Use the Factory Installed Carburetor Jet.

2000-3000 Feet

224cc High Altitude Jet A

3000-5000 Feet

224cc High Altitude Jet B

5000-6000 Feet

224cc High Altitude Jet C

6000-7000 Feet

224cc High Altitude Jet D

Every 1000 feet in altitude decreases available power by approximately 3 percent because of the corresponding decrease in atmospheric oxygen. Use of the correct high altitude jets above 2000 feet will reduce fuel consumption and emissions compared to factory jets, but does not improve power output.

**Important Operation Note: Use of a high altitude jet below 2000 feet may damage the generator engine if operated under load or for more than a few minutes.

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