WaterPORT 4.0 Gallon Water Tank
Your portable solution for pressurized water on the go
Versatile multi-use nozzle
BPA-free food-grade construction, and convenient 8' coiled hose included
Ideal for outdoor adventures, cleaning, and refreshing.
WaterPORT DayTank 3.85 Gallon Water Tank
WaterPORT DayTank 3.85 Gallon Water Tank
WaterPORT DayTank 3.85 Gallon Water Tank
WaterPORT DayTank 3.85 Gallon Water Tank


WaterPORT DayTank 3.85 Gallon Water Tank

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WaterPORT DayTank 3.85 Gallon Water Tank

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Take pressurized water wherever you need it with the WaterPORT 4.0 Gallon Water Tank, formerly known as the Day Tank. 4.0 gallons of water available to you wherever you need to clean, rinse, refresh, or just water something down. Add pressure as you fill it with a standard garden hose, or use the optional Pump Cap to pump it up while on the road. You can even connect a bike pump, or air compressor to the included Schraeder valve to add up to 40psi.

Product Features:

  • Multi-Use - Our multi pattern nozzle turns your pressurized water into a swiss army knife. Use the mist spray for hot days on the boat, jet rinse to spray the mud from your tires, shower setting for getting the salt off your skin, or center spray for cleaning dishes on the go. Life is full of messy situations, we have you covered.
  • Fresh Water - All of our tanks are made from food-grade plastic that is BPA-free. So fill it up with drinking water if you want!
  • All Day Tanks have a schraeder valve installed for pressurizing via pump or compressor
  • Kit includes:
  • 4.0 Gallon Day Tank
  • High Pressure Spray Nozzle
  • 8' coiled hose
  • Fill valve

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