Flow Max ™ Battery Powered Pressure Washer - LIP2020217218
Flow Max ™ Battery Powered Pressure Washer - LIP2020217218
Flow Max ™ Battery Powered Pressure Washer - LIP2020217218

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Flow Max ™ Battery Powered Pressure Washer - LIP2020217218

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Flow Max ™ Battery Powered Pressure Washer - LIP2020217218

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Flow Max ™ Battery Powered Pressure Washer - LIPPERT M6V2020217218

With the Flow Max™ 40 Volt portable power cleaner, you can take on all of your outdoor cleaning projects, like a pro. This lightweight, ultra portable power cleaner doesn’t require a spigot or garden hose connection to work. Just drop the included hose line in a bucket full of water, pool, lake, or other water source and spray away. Easy to store in a garage, under boat seats, or in your RV, our Flow Max™ power cleaner comes equipped with the versatility and power you need to conquer everyday cleaning jobs around the house or on the road. Plus, it’s equipped with a 6-in-1 spray attachment, soap bottle, long nozzle and rotatable nozzle, so you can adjust your spraying style project to project.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight And Compact, This Power Cleaner Doesn’t Need A Hose Or Spigot For Operation
  • All You Have To Do Is Drop The Included Hose Line In A Water Source Like A Lake, Pool, Or Bucket And Spray Away; It’s That Easy
  • This Is The Perfect Cleaning Option For RV Camping Trips And The Marine Lifestyle
  • Simply Store It Under A Boat Seat Or In Your RV To Clean Off All Your Outdoor Gear When You’re On The Road Or On The Water
  • Complete With (2) 40 Volt Lithium Ion Batteries, This Pressure Washer Can Reach Up To 520 Pounds Per Square Inch And Can Run Up To 28 Minutes
  • Spray Down Those Hard To Clean Surfaces With No Problem
  • The Flow Max™ Power Cleaner Comes With A 6 In 1 Spray Attachment, Long And Rotatable Spray Nozzles And 25 Ounce Soap Bottle
  • Switch Up Your Cleaning Style Whenever You Need To Tackle Everything From Washing The Car To Watering The Flowers
  • Backed By A Name RV Owners And Outdoor Enthusiasts Know And Trust
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

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